Pete Hawkins

Hey 👋 I’m Pete a web developer, who loves to ship products and build cool things with React and React Native.
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I’m building a podcast player

August 27, 2019

There are many great podcast players out there for iOS, I have been an avid Overcast user for years. So, why have I decided to make my own…

My new blog

August 26, 2019

It has been too long since I have written any blog posts on my site. I had a few things to write about and took this opportunity to spruce…

API first development

November 20, 2017

APIs are core curriculum for any developer these days, whether it be building a JSON API to support interactive pieces of UI through AJAX, a…

I’m never using active admin again!

November 13, 2017

I recently talked about our Vanilla Rails approach that we use in Alt Labs, in short it’s about minimising your dependencies and sticking to…

Custom Rails error pages

October 15, 2017

This is the start of an ongoing series extracted from building Void – a bookmarking and reading list tool. Void is one of my side projects…

Vanilla Rails

October 08, 2017

Vanilla Rails is something we have arrived at after several years of growing and maintaining Rails applications at Alt Labs. Update 9th…

Auto renewing SSL certs for free

February 24, 2017

I’m mainly writing this post for my own reference, I’m assuming most people have heard of and their free tool certbot for…

PostgreSQL UUID primary keys in Rails 5

February 22, 2017

In a recent project I have been using UUIDs as the primary key type with Rails 5 and PostgreSQL. This can be useful if your objects IDs are…