I love thinking up ideas and bringing them to life. Below are some of the products I am working on. Head over to Alt Labs to see apps I’ve helped build for clients.


Altcast is a new podcast player I am building. It's currently under construction and will have early access for eager individuals launching soon.


Payhere is our largest Alt Labs product. In Jan 2019 Scott and I were lucky enough to earn a place on the Ignite Propel program—through this we got access to some great mentors and made a lot of friends in our cohort. We launched on Product Hunt coming #4 for the day and getting over 200 signups across 44 countries in the weeks to follow 😁

Void app

Void is a bookmarking & reading list tool that I have created with the idea of giving you a place to store all the interesting articles you come across each day, safe in the knowledge that you won’t lose anything. There’s a nifty extension for chrome and iOS/android that lets you save sites with ease!

Open HQ

Open HQ an open source project management tool built by myself and Colin Young. It's a little outdate now and we're no longer using it to manage our projects at Alt Labs, maybe some day I'll revisit it and give it some improvements.

I am currently working a few more products, if you want to find out more sign up to my mailing list to be kept up to date.