Jamstack with Gatsby + React.

The modern developer assembles the best headless APIs and brings them togehther on the frontend. I’m a fan of the new era of static sites and I like to write about my experiences building websites and digital products.


Using tailwind CSS with Gatsby

Tailwind CSS has taken frontend styling by storm, it’s not quite CSS-in-JS but can provide many of the same benefits without having to…

Learn MoreJun 09, 2020


Creating a Shopify app using Serverless tech

In our agency Alt Labs, we're currently working on a new Shopify app of our own which has allowed us to try out some cutting-edge…

Learn MoreSep 28, 2019


I’m building a podcast player

There are many great podcast players out there for iOS, I have been an avid Overcast user for years. So, why have I decided to make my own…

Learn MoreAug 27, 2019


My new blog

It has been too long since I have written any blog posts on my site. I had a few things to write about and took this opportunity to spruce…

Learn MoreAug 26, 2019
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