2014 year in review

January 04, 2015

In April 2014 I left my full time job at Typecast with nothing more than some savings in the bank and 3 months contract work on Niice lined up.

Apart from a couple of quiet months in July and August, business went well. These quiet patches really forced me to spend some time looking for clients rather than waiting for them to find me. Thankfully work picked up and I have had the opportunity to work with some great clients.

Server side and the Rubies

I spent the majority of 2012-2014 working on client side JavaScript, while this has given me invaluable experience, I wanted to transition back to full stack development. This is partly due to enjoying server side development, but also because I can provide more value to clients by writing server side code.

I’ve mainly been working on Ruby projects, mostly Rails apps and APIs with the odd bit of sinatra thrown in. Rails continues to be my framework of choice for most use cases I have encountered.


I spent a small amount of time re-working my personal site to turn it into a portfolio of work. Going into 2015 I want to spend more time working on branding and marketing with purpose. If I continue to take on direct client work I’d like to come up with a better brand for my consultancy services, I’ve been putting that off because naming things is hard!


Blogging fell by the wayside in 2014. I have written a few articles over the year but haven’t tried to write every week. I can take away a positive that the articles have come from real world scenarios and generated more traffic than previous posts.

Open source

I haven’t made anything revolutionary but at least contributed a couple of small projects that are better in the open.

Dalli UI is a basic web UI for dalli the memcached gem. This allows you to see basic cache stats and flush the cache from a web interface.

Rails deploy helps you self-host rails apps by automating the entire process of server setup. This has sprung from my own needs to setup quick self-hosted Ruby servers.

Goals for 2015

In no specific order these are a few things I’d like to accomplish in the coming year.

  • Attend more meetups and at least one conferences
  • Blog more frequently
  • Set time aside for personal projects
  • Find a larger open source project to contribute to
  • Get more exercise and spend more time cooking healthy food

Pete Hawkins

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