My new blog

Pete posted on Aug 26th, 2019

It has been too long since I have written any blog posts on my site. I had a few things to write about and took this opportunity to spruce up the design and migrate to Gatsby JS.


For a long time this site has been static, using middleman, one of the popular early static site generators. Middleman closely mirrors Ruby on Rails which made it very comfortable for me to get to grips with. However, frontend code has moved on drastically and with tools like React out there, using middleman started to seem a bit dated.


Gatsby – a modern static site generator that fully embraces React and graphql allowing me to use the frontend tooling I am acustomed to. The switch over wasn't too difficult since gatsby can pull in markdown files for all my posts, much the same way as middleman did.

Design wise, I am using Typography.js as a base (also from Kyle Matthews – creator of Gatsby) and using emotion (css-in-js) to add some extra styling.

Everything is static and hosted on Netlify for free, you can also find the source code on GitHub.


To simplify things I’ve moved my blog back to my main domain (previously a business-card-esque one-pager), this will stop me from having to maintain two sites going forward.