Nikon d7100 review

August 10, 2013

River Lagan, Belfast, shot with the d7100
River Lagan, Belfast, shot with the d7100

I recently purchased a Nikon d7100, Nikons flagship APS-C DSLR, it has a lot of pro level features and is the best Nikon DSLR shy of moving up to an FX (full frame) camera. I’m not going to talk about the technical features in great detail here, you can see easily look those up for yourself.


The d7100 feels great, it is a reasonably chunky camera body, mainly made of magnesium alloy, compared to the usual cheap plastic you find in most non-pro bodies. The hand grip feels sturdy, nice to hold and generally fits my hands a lot better than the small Sony I was previously using.

Button layout is great, so many buttons on the body itself, which means you rarely need to dive through the menu system to tweak settings.


The new 24.1 megapixel toshiba sensor in this camera follows the ways of the d800e and drops the optical low pass filter. This leads to insanely sharp images! Check out the 100% crop below of my wee dog Harvey.

Harvey 100% crop

Nice features

LCD Screen

The rear screen is amazing, really bright and has a really high 1229k pixel count.


There is a dedicated bracketing button for any of you who take a lot of HDRs this will come in super handy, you can easily turn on/off any combination of brackets, 3 shots, 5 shots, and go from 0.3 to 3 stops in between each shot.

Two SD card slots

Most pro bodies would have this feature, it’s really handy, you can chose many different ways to make use of these slots.

  • Overflow, if you need the extra space
  • RAW to card slot 1 and JPEG to card slot 2
  • Backup, writes to both cards at the same time
  • Shoot photos to one card, video to the other

51 AF points

I was previously using a Sony a37, with 15 AF points to chose from, the 51 on the d7100 is amazing, they almost cover the full frame and make it extremely easy to compose your shot, no matter where you want to place the focus.

The speed of auto focus is also snappy, and in video mode the face detect feature works really well when left on AF-F mode.

Lens compatibility

You can use pretty much any Nikon lens from 1977 on this camera. It even provides auto focus as it has a motor built into the camera body.


Can’t change aperture in live view

So I think this is a bug, and Nikon are working on a fix, but for now, no changing of the aperture in live view, either photo or video mode. Hopefully there will be a firmware fix out for this at some stage, as I don’t have any other complaints about this camera.


Couldn’t be happier about my purchase, the first time you pick up the d7100 you can feel the quality that has gone into it. It has nearly all the pro features that are usually reserved for full frame cameras and you can pick up the body for close to half the price of a d600.

Really enjoying this camera so far, I think it has more than enough room for me to grow for several years to come.

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