Rails Deploy

January 02, 2015

Rails deploy is an opinionated set of ansible scripts that take the pain out of setting up and deploying Ruby/Rails applications.

The basic opinions are:

  • You use Ubuntu 14.04 (or similar debian based linux)
  • nginx and phusion passenger serve your application and static assets
  • PostgreSQL for the database
  • rbenv for ruby version management and easily updating to new versions of ruby as they become available
  • dotenv-rails is used to load environment variables
  • You use capistrano for deployment

You can find Rails deploy on Github

What does it do?

Rails deploy will take a blank slate Ubuntu 14.04 server and set it up to the stage where you can cap production deploy your code and it is running.

Some of the things it does:

  1. Creates a deploy user and sets up public-key authentication to your machine
  2. Creates required folder structure for capistrano and sets up .env file with environment variables
  3. Installs ruby with rbenv
  4. Pre-installs any gems you might need (default: bundler)
  5. Installs nginx + passenger all configured and ready to serve
  6. Sets up PostgreSQL and creates a database + user for your app and links that with the DATABASE_URL environment variable

Future plans

I’m going to continue using this for myself, it’s open source if it’s useful for anyone else and I welcome any contributions.

  • SSL automation - I currently handle domain routing and SSL termination in haproxy but I would like to add SSL support to this just to keep things more self contained and simple for others.
  • Memcached support - Adding a memcached instance to the server that will work out of the box with dalli
  • Redis support - Seems to be common enough in usage and would be handy to have on the box
  • MySQL support - I don’t use MySQL but would like to have it in as an alternative to PG

That’s all for now, please leave any comments with suggestions or problems.

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