Rails twitter clone - Part 1

In the first episode, I show you how to clone my Rapid Ruby starter template, set up usernames and some validations for them, and create the initial Tweet model and form. If you want a bit more info on how I set up my Rails apps (most of how my Rapid Ruby starter is built), check out my series on How I start every Rails app. Apologies, I forgot to commit part one’s source code, so the link has part 1 and part 2’s code as well. PRE-ORDER THE FULL COURSE NOW: USE PROMO CODE 'RRYOUTUBE' FOR A FURTHER 30% OFF! https://app.payhere.co/rapid-ruby/rails-twitter-clone Links: Source code - https://github.com/phawk/tweeter/tree/cb7cd4b272064105a1f507b208a5247565faebc1 Rapid Ruby Starter template - https://github.com/rapidruby/rapid-ruby-starter How I start every Rails app - https://rapidruby.com/lessons/8-how-i-start-every-rails-app-pt-1

Published: Apr 18, 2023

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