Why Hotwire is AWESOME! A lesson on Turbo frames

In this video, we explore building a newsletter signup form. First, how we would typically build it and what would be required to make it work nicely (hint: JavaScript). Then we look at how awesome turbo frames can be and how they can drastically simplify the code while improving the user experience. This feature was something I was building on the https://rapidruby.com site (the new name for my youtube channel). So please head over there and subscribe to the newsletter if you want to be the first to hear about new videos and the courses I’m planning to launch. --- Has this video helped you out? Consider buying me a coffee to say thanks and support future content like this, thanks! https://app.payhere.co/rapid-ruby/buy-me-a-coffee-aa4618e4-45d1-4727-81b9-2d081449d61d You can also find more content like this, including premium courses and exclusive community and mentorship to help you level-up! Head over to https://rapidruby.com and use the code RRYOUTUBE for a discount!

Published: Feb 08, 2023

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